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2003-12-16 - 8:24 p.m.

Ow! My Nose!

Is it wrong that I'm taking a bit of perverse pleasure in dipping my gingerbread man into hot tea and watching his face melt off?

(I made gingerbread cookies on Sunday. They turned out kind of funky-tasting. Good dipped in tea, though.)

In other news, I am continuing to get jerked around at work. Three months after telling me that I won't be travelling for business anymore at all ever (HA!), I was told today that I'm going to Singapore next month.

I am not happy about this.

I'm kind of at the point where I wish I would get an ulcer or something so I would have tangible proof of what their "Everybody Grab A Limb And Pull In Opposite Directions" plan of management is doing to me.


Also, I think that the kitchen in my new apartment has something against me. Everything I've made so far has been a little bit off. The tortilla soup I made on Friday was too watery and kind of bland, the gingerbread cookies I mentioned above have a weird aftertaste and got hard really quickly, and then tonight I made a wine cake for Holden and Selena (yes--I am one of those people who will bake you a Christmas present) that just did NOT want to come out of the pan. Ugh. Normally, I'd just write all of that off to me being a bad cook, but I've made all of these things before, and they all turned out excellently. My wine cake is legend. So something is off. Sigh.

- Diana

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